Journey towards a carbon-neutral future

15 January, 2020

Green hydrogen is a key solution to speed up the energy transition process towards a carbon-neutral future. It is the most abundant element in nature.

It is generated from water, in an electrolysis process through which water is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen thanks to the contribution of energy from renewable sources.

Green hydrogen can be used directly or injected into the gas pipeline network, with multiple applications: in industry, for tertiary/domestic consumption, for electricity generation or as a fuel for mobility.

This non-electric renewable energy allows the management and integration of electric renewable energies by transforming their surpluses into hydrogen that can be injected into the gas pipeline network (known as Power-to-Gas projects).

In addition, green hydrogen helps decarbonise sectors where electrification is not currently a feasible solution.

We visually explain this “journey” of green hydrogen in the following infographic:

Hidrógeno verde