Keys for an emission-neutral future


Efficient technologies for change


Bet on talent, diversity and work-life balance


Move towards the future energy


Hydrogen, the backbone of China’s energy transition project

China has prioritised research and development in the areas of hydrogen and fuel cells as one of the effective countermeasures with which to face these demanding tasks.The Chinese government sees hydrogen as an opportunity to meet climate and pollution targets without increasing dependence on imported fuels.


“Natural gas and renewable gases are the right step on the road to transport decarbonisation”

Eugenia Sillero has been the Secretary General of Gasnam, the Iberian Association for natural gas-powered mobility, since 2018. Its aim is to promote the use of natural and renewable gas in mobility, both on land and at sea in the Iberian Peninsula. As part of our series of interviews with women from the energy sector, today she shares with us her views on equality, leadership and the challenges facing the sector in the coming years.


Towards more sustainable mobility after COVID-19

Las grandes urbes apuestan por el uso de la bicicleta y otras formas de transporte respetuosas con el medio ambiente como alternativa al tráfico rodado. La utilización de gases renovables y gas natural licuado como combustible es una alternativa sostenible para mejorar la calidad del aire y reducir la contaminación urbana.