Enagás at COP25: Agenda

20 November, 2019

Over the next two weeks Madrid will become the world capital in the fight against climate change. More than 25,000 representatives from 200 countries will gather at IFEMA from 2-13 December for the Climate Summit (COP25) to reach agreements and commitments between nations on combating the effects of climate change.

The fight against greenhouse gases is becoming a key challenge of the 21st century. COP25 will once again address one of the biggest challenges we face: energy.

It is for this reason that Enagás is actively participating as a climate actor at COP25, promoting renewable solutions for the decarbonisation of the non-electrical energy mix to help drive a transition towards a more sustainable energy model.

Monday 2 December – “Delivering Clean Transport”

Location: Korean Pavilion IFEMA (15:00) – Blue Zone 
Speaker: Claudio Rodríguez, Infrastructure General Manager at Enagás
Organised by: IGU

The transition to more sustainable fuels in the transport sector is essential for moving towards responsible and clean mobility. In this context, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the best alternative for transport decarbonisation, especially rail and sea transport. Spain has the conditions to position itself as a world benchmark in LNG bunkering, as it is the first country to offer maritime LNG refuelling from its main ports.

Wednesday 4 December – “Innovative technologies in key decarbonisation sectors. The role of industry”

Location: Spanish Pavilion IFEMA (13:30) – Blue Zone
Speaker: Marcelino Oreja, Chief Executive Officer at Enagás 
Organised by: Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism

Sustainable industry can protect communities, key ecosystems and the climate worldwide from increased environmental risks and the scarcity of natural resources. This session, moderated by the former Vice President and Minister Elena Salgado and with a contribution from Reyes Maroto, acting Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism will involve discussion about how the most sustainable models can have positive effects on people, businesses, the environment and the climate.

Thursday 5 December – Gas, biomethane and hydrogen solutions for sustainable mobility

Location: Paseo de la Castellana 160 (Ministry, Room A) (15:00) – Green Castellana
Speaker: Fernando Impuesto, General Manager of Enagás Emprende 
Organised by: GASNAM and Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism

Natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen are three energy carriers that are essential in achieving sustainable mobility goals. This session, with contributions from Reyes Maroto, acting Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism and other leading players in the industrial and energy sector, will analyse the present and future of mobility and will present the alternatives already available to us, through natural gas and renewable gases, for the decarbonisation of land, rail and maritime transport in the medium and long term.

Saturday 7 December – Renewable gases for energy transition and future

Location: Dialogue Space Area (16:15) – IFEMA Green Zone 
Speaker: Antonio Gómez, coordinator of the Innovation and Renewable Gases Area of Enagás
Organised by: Sedigas

Renewable gases will enable an efficient, safe and full ecological transition based on achieving a zero-emissions scenario and combating climate change. They have many uses: electricity generation, storage of electrical surpluses, fuel to cover energy demand in industrial processes and for land, rail and sea transport. These sustainable gases will therefore make it possible to maximise the development of renewable power and to strengthen the circular economy.

Tuesday 10 December – “The role of renewable hydrogen in the decarbonisation process”

Location: Sectoral and innovation action forum (15:15 to 16:00) – Green zone
Speaker: Jesús Gil, Director of Innovation and New Energies at Enagás; Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Secretary General of Hydrogen Europe; Raquel Alonso Blanco, Technical Advisor of the MC of Industrial Sector Policies of the DG of Industry and SMEs of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism; Hugo Lucas Porta, Head of the Department of Regulatory Framework and Corporate Strategy for the Energy Transition, Directorate General IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving); and Guillermo Figueruelo, Head of New Projects of the Hydrogen Foundation of Aragon
Organised by: Enagás

This round table, organised by Enagás, will discuss the role of renewable hydrogen, also known as green hydrogen, in the current energy transition and decarbonisation process. Green hydrogen offers a technological opportunity and Spain is in a privileged position given its capacity for large-scale production of this energy source. Green hydrogen acts as an energy carrier for the storage of renewable energy and as a fuel for the decarbonisation of sectors that are not easily electrified today, such as industry and heavy transport.

Friday 13 December – The road to sustainability in business: how companies are contributing to the SDGs

Location: Dialogue Space Area (16:00) – IFEMA Green Zone
Speaker: María Sicilia Salvadores, Director of Strategy at Enagás
Organised by: Center for the Governance of Change (IE University)

The contribution of the private sector to the energy transition and the decarbonisation of the economy is the main topic of debate at this event, in which experts from different sectors – including the energy sector – will analyse how companies can promote, through their activity and commitment to sustainability, compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Agenda 2030, set by the United Nations.