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The next green hydrogen milestones

Jan, 27 2022 Committed

Over half the hydrogen deployment projects announced in 2021 are being developed in Europe. But this technology has to meet a number of important milestones before it can be deployed on a large scale.

Hydrogen, the backbone of China’s energy transition project

Aug, 5 2020 Innovative

China has prioritised research and development in the areas of hydrogen and fuel cells as one of the effective countermeasures with which to face these demanding tasks.The Chinese government sees hydrogen as an opportunity to meet climate and pollution targets without increasing dependence on imported fuels.

The Green Hydrogen Revolution

Dec, 4 2019 Innovative

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. But it's hard to find it in a free state. It must be extracted from other sources such as water, coal, biomass or natural gas.